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Alzheimer Scotland aims to ensure nobody faces dementia alone. 90,000 people live with dementia in Scotland – and that figure is expected to double in the next 20 to 30 years. It has never been more important to support people with dementia than now.

Caudwell Children transforms the lives of disabled children across the UK.
We act as a safety net for families who are unable to gain the help they need.

Mental ill health affects ex-Service men and women of all ages. We currently support more than 5,900 Veterans aged from 19 to 97. Combat Stress is a vital lifeline for these men and women, as well as for their families. Our treatment and support services are always free of charge, and are proven to work.

The DT38 Foundation has been set up in memory of Dylan James Tombides. Dylan was an Australian International and West Ham United professional football player who passed away aged 20 in April 2014 after a 3-year battle with testicular cancer. The West Ham Family thought so highly of Dylan that they retired his number 38 and made DT38 one of their principal charities. DT38 spread awareness about testicular cancer and general health and wellbeing. They do this through working with schools using a range of different education programmes.

Dynamo Camp (Associazione Dynamo Camp Onlus) is the first Therapeutic Recreation Camp in Italy specifically designed for children with serious or chronic illnesses who are undergoing therapy or in post-hospitalization.

If you love fish… Go sustainable

Fishlove is a campaign that supports and promotes sustainable fishing. We believe that fish stocks should be conserved so that people will be able to enjoy fish for generations to come, and that people who depend on fishing for their livelihoods can continue to do so into the future.

The Vialli and Mauro Foundation was founded in Turin in 2003 by Gianluca Vialli , Massimo Mauro and Cristina Grande Stevens.
Its objective is to allocate funds to the medical scientific Research on Cancer and on the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

It is a non-profit organization of social utility recognized and registered at No. 350 in the Legal Persons Register of Turin Prefecture.


Give a Future is about hard work and opportunity, creating employment through quality education for young children, training and microloans for women in Ethiopia in order to promote confidence and economic development to those who need it most.


Many children and disabled people living in poverty do not enjoy basic human rights due to the family and country in which they were born. MySmallHelp believes that caring for the world’s poorest people is the joint responsibility of humankind.
MySmallHelp invites you to meet Andrés from Cusco, Peru.

Helps every child who enters its doors to fulfil their potential and aspiration in life through education, good health and social welfare by offering security, hope,
kindness, and above all, love. The Charity focuses on the development of educational, health and social service initiatives in deprived, remote parts of Africa where other agencies have not ventured.

Cancer campaigning has always focused on the girls. More women do get cancer, but more men are dying from it. A man dies from cancer every 6 minutes in the UK alone. All too often boys feel they have to tough it out and ignore those niggly little health issues, thinking that speaking up about their health isn’t the manly thing to do.

Founded by survivor Ali Stunt, who proves that there is hope, early diagnosis is achievable and survival is possible. The focus of Pancreatic Cancer Action is on ensuring that patients are diagnosed at a stage that gives them the best chance of survival.

We are the UK’s leading charity dedicated to conquering stroke.
Stroke strikes every three and a half minutes in the UK. It strikes in an instant but its effects last a lifetime.We believe in life after stroke. That’s why we support stroke survivors to make the best recovery they can. It’s why we campaign for better stroke care. And it’s why we fund research to develop new treatments and ways of preventing stroke.

The House of St Barnabas is a London charity with a wonderful goal, to break the cycle of homelessness by providing people, who have been affected by homelessness, with the reality of lasting employment. With a not-for-profit members’ club, which raises the funds needed to help people back into employment, The House of St Barnabas has pledged to change the lives of those in London who need it the most.

Tusk is a dynamic and pioneering organisation, and a highly effective force in African wildlife conservation.  The charity invests in projects using conservation as a tool to alleviate poverty, improve education and reduce conflict, while protecting areas rich in biodiversity. Since 1990 Tusk has supported more than 100 projects, protecting 36 threatened species, supporting 1,000,000 people, and promoting education for over 500,000 schoolchildren.

Unseen is working towards a world without slavery. Its mission is to free the unseen, and put a stop to slavery, once and for all.

Women for Women International helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives. Since 1993, we have helped more than 447,000 marginalised women to overcome the horrors of war and work towards a better future for themselves and their families.

Our efforts celebrate multi-culturalism, support social integration and promote human rights through cultural diversity.

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