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Our efforts celebrate multi-culturalism, support social integration and promote human rights


The promotion of Cultural Diversity is central to the aims of YOUMANITY. With this in mind, several cultural projects are devised and delivered every year. Most notably, an annual Photography Award was born with three key objectives:

1. To raise awareness of current social issues

2. To identify emerging talent

3. To foster an artistic dialogue between different communities & cultures through the Arts

A sensitive theme is selected in the hope that each Photography Award can help raise awareness on the given topic. While these themes run far beyond the ambitions of YOUMANITY, we seek to make a contribution, no matter how small, and shine a light on those whose traditions have been marginalised.

imAge - photography award 2016

The fifth edition of our annual photography award is underway, imAge, which this year aims to challenge stereotypes of older people and how age is perceived around the world.
Participants are being invited to submit photographs that tell a story of the often forgotten Senior Citizens and showcase how communities can benefit from one of humanity’s least used resources; wisdom.
The winning photographs will be showcased at Kings College London between 21-24 April 2016. The Director General of the Royal Photographic Society will award the overall winner a gold medal.

Photo credit: ©Vladimir Yakovlev


Challenging stereotypes
of older people

Help to sponsor talent from all four corners of the world and bring to light undiscovered genius.

Youmanity will invite the best and brightest to attend the exhibition in London where they will meet with the Director General of the Royal Photographical Society. Both Youmanity and the Royal Photographic Society will together discuss bursaries and grants to nurture their skills and take them home to teach others, thus bringing the gift of education and appreciation of the world’s most modern art form to a new generation.

Photo credit: ©Vladimir Yakovlev

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