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Cancer awareness isn’t all pink ribbons; it’s a man’s problem too.

The story

One For The Boys was created by Sofia Davis as a tribute to a good friend, Ali, who passed away from a Brain Tumour. Through losing Ali, Sofia realised the importance of men knowing the signs of Cancer so they can get checked and diagnosed earlier, which could mean those losses don’t have to happen.

The aim of One For The Boys is to raise awareness for all male cancers – not just testicular and prostate cancer, but mouth cancer, bowel cancer, kidney cancer, and even breast cancer – as there are so many types of cancers out there that can affect men. Most cancers are treatable if caught early enough, however some of the most deadly forms don’t present symptoms in their early stages. This is why it’s even more crucial to get problems checked straight away by a doctor rather than trying to maintain the stiff upper lip and hope problems go away on their own.

Our work

One For The Boys is here to provide awareness and education for men about all of the different types of cancers that can affect them. But just giving them facts and figures isn’t enough. It’s crucial to not only gain the attention of men, we need to ensure they understand, digest, and remember the messages. We do this by appealing to men through their interests, such as music, sports, comedy, etc. to create conversations around their health.


One For The Boys works with top medical professionals and government officials to find ways to improve education around male cancers and to open dialogues where men feel comfortable talking about their own bodies and their health.

Live Clinics

Establishing live cancer clinics throughout the country in shopping centres and other highly populated areas. These will give men the opportunity to learn more about the cancers that could affect them, while removing the stigma surrounding them by talking to professionals. They’ll also be able to get checked for some common types of cancers too.



Education Research

Research will be undertaken to examine the benefits of teaching boys from early on in school the importance of paying attention to their health. This will also include how to check for symptoms for things such as testicular cancer, as well as being aware of other changes in their bodies and when to visit a doctor. This research will be used to lobby education ministers to change the curriculum to teach boys about their health in similar ways to girls are taught to listen to their bodies.


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