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Ndoro Children's Charities

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Roseline Ndoro launched Ndoro Children’s Charities in 2008, after seeing the tragic plight faced by children in her native Zimbabwe, orphaned as a result of HIV and Aids.

Roseline first came to the UK in the 1970s to train as a nurse. After spending more than a decade away from her home country, the mother-of-three returned to Zimbabwe in 2005 and was shocked by the scenes of deprivation that greeted her.

“I was emotionally and physically affected by the plight of the people there, especially the children orphaned as a result of HIV, Aids, TB and cancer. What I saw was far removed from the Zimbabwe I grew up in, and our lives in the UK. The experience left me with a vast feeling of emptiness and helplessness. I counted no fewer than 16 orphaned children among my extended family.”

She decided action needed to be taken and the idea for a charity emerged.


NdoroCC aims to support underprivileged children in the poorest parts of the world – with an initial focus on Zimbabwe – by focusing on the development of accommodation, education, health promotion initiatives and social services.

Roseline currently divides herself between Twickenham and Zimbabwe to help provide children with educational tools, food and to supervise the building project. She hopes the school, once up and running, will become self-sufficient, and will teach the youngsters how to “stand on their own two feet”. She said: “It will teach them skills. We want the school to be self-sufficient and market our produce. The land is close to a game park. The children, volunteers and visitors will be able to see giraffes, rhinos and lions.”


It helps every child who enters its doors to fulfil their potential and aspiration in life through education, good health and social welfare by offering security, hope, kindness, and above all, love. The Charity’s focus is on the development of educational, health and social service initiatives in deprived, remote parts of Africa where other agencies have not ventured. www.ndorocc.org.uk


You can become involved in this extraordinary charity, and contribute in whatever way you can. You may wish to make a single or regular donation, or volunteer to assist us in the running of our fundraising campaigns.

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