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Just as the ocean starts with a single drop of water, a child’s life can change if many people commit to dedicating a little time and effort

Meet Andrés

Help Andrés

Andrés is a 27 year old young man born in Paru Paru, a community in the district of Pisac, Cusco, Peru. Andrés was born with no disabilities but he had an accident when he was 10 years old, after which he became a paraplegic, meaning he couldn’t use his legs sufficiently.

An only child of country folks, Andrés lost his mother at the age of 3 and his father to an accident a short time after. 6 years of rehabilitation followed with many surgical interventions, and now after tremendous struggle Andrés lives alone and supports himself as best he can in his daily activities.

Since 2010 MySmallHelp Peru has been assisting Andrés, supporting his education to the point where Andrés not only graduated from school but now has a part time role teaching computing at his local academy, as well as a salaried position with the Telefonica Foundation. Wages however are low and the room Andrés lives in has no adapted bathing facilities and the building has no wheelchair access, requiring help every time he leaves or comes home.

Andrés is ambitious, wanting eventually to build a hotel in his village and study Management at university. He has a charming personality and certainly doesn’t have any complexes regarding his condition. He just wants to be treated like anybody else his age.

What your donations will do:

• Better living conditions adapted to his needs
• Monitoring of his health and general check-ups
• Physiotherapy to avoid future deterioration of his condition
• Adapted housing
• Daily nursing assistance
• Legal aid to reclaim land taken from him after his family died
• A folding wheelchair



MySmallHelp was born out of a strong desire to empower young people with basic human rights and the opportunity to carve out a more sustainable future for themselves. The charity was set up in 2007 by a group of friends based in the UK and Nepal who believe that just as the ocean starts with a single drop of water, a big difference can be made in a child’s life if many people commit to dedicating a little time and effort. In March 2008, MySmallHelp became a registered charity in the UK.

Now also encompassing Peru, administrative costs are kept to a minimum ensuring that donations are used directly on projects. MySmallHelp offers a wealth of local knowledge and contacts, and works primarily with volunteers who have the real interests of children close to their heart.

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