The world’s first luxury company to donate 50% of its revenue to your charitable causes


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Giving is the Greatest Luxury

We donate 50% of our commission

Livoos’ revolutionary vision brings together the most luxurious brands in the world and we will donate 50% of the commission that we get on each purchase.

You choose your charitable cause

You tell your favourite brands where you want the Livoos donation to go to. Choose one of the suggested causes or raise money for the cause that has a personal meaning to you, while enjoying special offers.

We are a business for change

We are a business, not a charity. We believe that the role of business needs to change and Livoos is a catalyst of that positive change. We believe in boldness, authenticity and positive vibes.

This is Livoos: You can express your values whilst indulging your passion for shopping, with honour and pride.

Join the Livoos community and with your favourite luxury brands, together we can make fashion change.

Livoos Request Form

Livoos Request Form